About Sedgefield Presbyterian Preschool

Since 1958, Sedgefield Presbyterian Preschool has been providing children and families with the finest, and most engaging preschool in the area. SPP is a week-day preschool that offers a Christian environment in classes with an experienced, educated, and caring staff. It is out goal that each child reaches their potential intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally all while they gain the self-confidence needed to succedd in today's world. Through developmentally appropriate materials, activities, and a nurturing environment we assess the needs of each child and endeavor to help them achieve their best now and prepare them for a lifetime of educational success.
Our Curriculum

Our classrooms endorse the philosophy that promotes decision making, cooperation, active participation, experimentation, and independence. We encourage our preschoolers as they emerge into the world of moral thought and guide them as they begin to make their own discoveries. The project materials supplied by teachers build on the children's experience and interests while developing their motor and social skills. These typical interest centers include crafts, music, dramatic play, books, manipulative toys, and puzzles. Our curriculum provides a foundation where all children can learn and develop for a lifetime.
Our Teachers

Warmth and enthusiasm from our teachers is very important to our preschool because at SPP we understand that our teachers introduce children to the world of school for the first time. Our staff understands the importance of getting our children to love school and learning and we are excited to be part of that development. Our teacher's patience, energy, and love for children is evident as you walk through our school and is passed on through the children as they move forward in life.
Sample Daily Routine

     Individual and Group Play
Circle Time
     Weather, Calendar, Pledge of Allegiance, and Show and Share
Table Activities
     Language Arts, Math, Library, Coloring, Letter and Number 
     Formation, and Fine Motor Skill Activities
Outdoor Play
Music, Spanish, and Supervised Movement Class
Our Facility

Our cheerful and safe facility includes bright and inviting rooms for easy access. Our classrooms offer children a time and place to play, explore, and imagine in a nurturing environment. We like to display our children's work up and down our hallways to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride throughout our facility. Sedgefield Presbyterian Preschool would not be complete without our large fenced outdoor playground with swings, climbing equipment, sandboxes, and soccer field. We realize outdoor activities are just as important and help refine larger motor skills as well as promote social skills.
We chose Sedgefield Presbyterian Preschool because it has a long-standing reputation as a safe and nurturing school where children have fun while learning. 
-Shani Lester

All Classes are 9:00am - 1:00pm

           5 Year Old/5 Day                    M-F
           3 and 4 Year Old/5 Day         M-F
           3 and 4 Year Old/3 Day         M, W, F
           2 Year Old/2 Day                    W, F 
                                                 (Optional Monday)
           18 Mth Old/2 Day                    T-TH

Every class will have a parent provided snack and lunch. This allows the children to learn how to socialize at a mealtime.
For more information, contact Korina McGill by email or by phone: 336.299.5353

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